Auxiliary Equipment

Value Stream Machinery can support you in all aspects of your production line machinery and fabrication, including auxiliary equipment or auxiliary products.

Auxiliary items such as rotary tables and support platforms can be designed and installed by VSM. As can gantries and effective end-of-line solutions.

Conveyors carry ingredients, items, packages or products from one place to the other and can be automatic or semi-automatic in operation. VSM specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of conveyor belts and conveyor systems in food and non-food environments.

Value Stream Machinery also specialises in the supply and installation of other beneficial auxiliary machinery products such as hoppers (chambers or cone-like pods from which materials such as grains can be held and discharged), bucket elevators (machinery arms that lift free-flowing or semi free-flowing vertically) and silos/tanks (storage compartments for granular products).

All our auxiliary equipment is of the highest quality and fully IP rated. It can be installed as a replacement to old auxiliary products or can be integrated to a manufacturing line as an upgrade to upscale production and output.

If you’re interested in adding auxiliary equipment to your production line, contact Value Stream Machinery. Large and small projects will be considered and solutions are always scoped at a competitive rate.

VSM provides a full range of tailored solutions

Value Stream Machinery partners with several global manufacturers of weighing, checking and packaging machinery to provide solutions tailored to our customers' needs and budgets.

Get in touch with Value Stream Machinery today to discuss a cost effective solution that will maximise your production efficiency.

Bespoke food processing solutions & services

Can’t find the ideal food processing equipment or machinery solution?
Value Stream Management offers bespoke solutions and services to meet your needs, get in touch for a free consultation on how VSM can fulfil your requirements and exceed your needs.

Our clients include

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