Boost Manufacturing Productivity with Real-Time Software

Boost Manufacturing Productivity with Real-Time Software

Manual spreadsheets and systems are commonly used by many organisations within the manufacturing sector in order to collect and analyse data.

The recording of this data is used to determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity.

The ability to manage and improve the overall performance of a manufacturing facility – no matter the size, requires a platform which enables the automated, real-time collection and analysis of OEE data.

Manual spreadsheets and systems do not generally encompass these capabilities, meaning they are often not fit for purpose and can cause detrimental damage to business operations.

The below highlights a number of pitfalls associated with using manual spreadsheets.


The use of manual spreadsheets can be extremely time consuming, as operators attempt to collect the data on paper and then transcribe it on to a spreadsheet. By doing this, mistakes are easily made which take time to correct, leading to important time being wasted.

Too little, too late

When data collected manually is eventually ready for review, it may be out-of-date, and will only represent past productivity losses. It is beneficial for manufacturers to take steps to reduce the chances of OEE loses before they have occurred.

How reliable?

A common issue faced by manufacturers is the accuracy and reliability of the data that is collected. It is likely that employees within a manufacturing facility will be focusing on areas of production, and so requesting that these staff members manually record issues on the line at the same time, can be risky.

Human error is always going to be a problem when manually handling large amounts of data, a single mistake can make a huge difference to data output, which is relied upon to make business decisions.

There is a lot for manufacturing operators to consider but paying close attention to how they collect data, through using the correct metrics, can help a business to identify the sticking points or weak spots in its production line and processes.

This technology will be at the heart of manufacturing’s future and it is vital for companies within the sector to take note now before getting left behind competitors.

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