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Dairy Industry | Case Study | Process improvements result in £4.5m increase in turnover


This plant turnaround project for the dairy industry involved engineering a solution to alleviate an operational bottle neck. The required target was a 10-15 mins reduction in every 24hr cycle. To improve the cycle time from production to clean down back to production all within a modest budget.


The outcome of the project was a huge success. We achieved a total saving of 60 minutes in a 24hr cycle by identifying a gap in the production process. This released untapped capacity within the plant, resulting in an increase to turnover by £4.5 million per annum.


Project started with a number of client / site meetings to establish the scope of what was required. We first investigated the production and CIP process by speaking to management, middle management and operatives to get a collective view of their understanding of the process.

We then delved into the engineering side of the process inclusive of the hardware and software limitations. Upon some early indications of possible gaps, we proceeded with some time-based simulations during production shut down and start up to establish if our findings were accurate and the wide array of automated washes would not conflict. The specific dedicated CIP lines had to be available as and when we believed in order to accommodate the reconfiguration.

With minor PLC/software/electrical modifications and minimal fabrication works we designed an entire new stop/start procedure for the customer.

Our ability to look at a process from an engineering and operations viewpoint made the impressive results possible.


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