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We won a project to replace an old mains transmission electrical distribution system located in the factory roof space, which was supplying a section of the existing, and newly installed production plant.

The upgrade which included the removal of wooden supports, the installation of new panelling & circuitry identification, needed to be carried out without any plant interruption, and ensuring the complete system was brought up to all current regulatory requirements.

Old Panelling - Packaging Company


The project had a number of challenging elements which were identified during the planning phase. Most notable of these were the issues around confined space, logistics, and final layout of the upgraded system.

Pre-upgrade, the circuits system had to be reviewed to identify which elements were operational and which were redundant. This had to be carried out through individual tracing from distribution to end of line.

With tracing completed and all circuits reviewed, VSM designed a new wardrobe & busbar assembly to match the scope of works and regulatory requirements.

Any small windows of time available were utilised to full potential, guaranteeing no disruption to the production process.

Such was the scale of the project, the temporary removal of the factory roof was required to gain temporary access. This meant there was a need to operate concisely, timely and thoughtfully to reduce as much disruption as possible to factory operations.

The coordination, planning and clear and accurate communication between VSM and site representatives was paramount throughout the entire project.

The project was completed earlier than scheduled and within budget. All the panels upgraded including the protective devices, containment and cabling, where fully tested and certified to current regulations and handed back to a happy blue-chip customer.


The project was successfully completed within budget, and to the tight timelines agreed. There was no disruption or loss to plant operations during the entire project.

All requirements within the scope of works were exceeded.

Additional M&E works were secured from the same customer on the strength of this project, backed up with a premium delivery of VSM services & customer centric values.


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