Complete Packaging Lines

Our preferred packaging partner, VIMCO, offers a full range of turnkey packaging line solutions, which can be developed into dozens of different complete packaging line configurations. Some possible configurations include:

Side-loading Packaging Line

Comprising of a cartoning machine that receives the products from one or more upstream flowpack machines the system inserts products into the machine with loading units that may or may not be robotised, then moves the products into their respective cartons.

The cartons are opened, filled and closed then moved to the wrap-around or case packing machine to be packed in to the appropriate shipping cases or display boxes.

Finally, palletisation systems build the pallets and wrap them in film for the shipment to the end customer.

Top-loading Packaging Line

Typically the top-loading line comprises of a forming machine, robotised loading units, a closing machine and a case packing machine.

The system is used to form boxes from cartonboard, fill them with products, glue them, take the formed boxes to a case packing machine and arrange them in an RSC or wrap-around case as specified by the end customer, ready for palletisation and shipment.

Robotised Packaging Line

For oven flowpacked products or heat-sealed trays loading into RSCs. This robot line comprises of a case opening machine with a modular configuration of robot units, case closing system and the related handling.

The frozen products arrive randomly from the upstream machine. The line has a group of 12 triaflex robots and a vision system in order to pick up the products, orient them and position them appropriately in the previously formed cases.

Once filled, the cases are closed with adhesive tape or hot-melt glue, and then pass through the weight check.

The packages then move to a dual-infeed palletising line that creates pallets and wraps them with film. Once this is done the products are ready to be stored in the refrigerating room.

The supply includes coding and labelling elements along the line. They are managed by the VIMCO central electronic system, and are able to mark or apply labels on all four sides of the case, as per customer’s request.

Over the years, our packaging machine partner VIMCO has installed a large number of machines for standard and special purposes all over the world, helping to solve issues related to specific applications, the working environment and the integration into existing packaging lines. If you have a unique requirement, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Complete lines for different packaging solutions
  • Robotised units for products loading
  • Operator Control Panel
  • Single line management
  • Development of dedicated algorithms to optimise the performance of the robots

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