Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring (CM) is the process of reviewing and understanding the operational condition of a machine or machinery system. Condition monitoring applies to individual machines, complete production lines, departments or sites, or areas critical to a process or output.

This condition monitoring is a major part of Value Stream Machinery’s preventative maintenance programme, specifically designed for the early identification of potential failures in machine performance and machine output.

Value Stream Machinery is an expert in monitoring parameters of all types of plant operation, such as thermal imaging, vibration monitoring and calibrations to ensure set tolerances at critical control points (CCPs).

Production line output and optimisation is a category of condition monitoring that VSM particularly prides itself on. By deploying much sought after I-Line technology, VSM can monitor, collate and translate real-time production information from an individual machine or a complete line, department or factory.

Condition monitoring allows Value Stream Machinery to develop a predictive maintenance service for its clients which drives solutions in problem areas and produces the capability to spot underlying faults or business-critical errors before they occur.

From the set-up of complete PPM systems that deliver responsibility and accountability to help guidance, support and training around areas of concern that will bridge any knowledge gaps, VSM can completely and confidently fulfil the condition monitoring needs of your organisation.

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