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End-of-line Automation

Packaging machines are the final step in the food manufacturing process. Value Stream Machinery has extensive experience in supplying a wide range of packaging lines and packaging equipment for end of line automation. Our solutions are always tailored to the individual needs of a factory, can be implemented seamlessly into current business processes without disruption or downtime and delivers products box-fresh and ready to eat.

End of line packaging machines for each step of the process

Forming machines for any kind of cardboard boxes.

Machines to close boxes with lids with one or more flaps

Horizontal cartoning machines to open, fill and close cartons.

For closing of boxes with hot-melt glue or interlocking flaps

For the placing of a cardboard band around a single product or a group of products.

To form, load and close pre-glued cases with hot-melt glue or adhesive tape.

Complete Packing Lines

Turnkey packaging line solutions for dozens of different configurations.

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