End of Line Packing

Our packaging machine partner, Vimco, offers different solutions for your end-of-line packing requirements:

Wrap-Around Machines

Machines used for forming, loading and closing cases or display boxes with hot-melt glue, starting from a single flat blanks or two-piece flat blanks (for display boxes composed of bottom+lid). This type of machine is highly flexible, and can work with different packaging types with quick and limited format changes. It is indeed possible to easily change from fully closed cases to trays, or from double wall boxes to cases with windows.

The Wrap-Around Machines can be designed with two magazines in order to form cases with bottom plus lid to be used as display boxes.

Case Packing Machines

Machines used for forming, loading and closing pre-glued cases known as RSCs with hot-melt glue or adhesive tape.

The products are loaded into the case from the lateral side of the case (considering the direction in which the case moves within the machine).

Over the years our partner VIMCO has installed a large number of machines for special purposes all over the world, helping to solve issues related to specific applications, the working environment and the integration into existing packaging lines. If you have a special requirement we would be happy to help.


  • Electronically adjustable speed
  • Operator control panel
  • Average time for format change about 10-15 minutes
  • Available in painted or stainless steel versions

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