HBS180 Forming Machine

Machine designed to mold at low pressure all kinds of simple shapes from minced meat or pieces of meat, fish, semi-solid doughs, vegan doughs and potatoes. Suitable for mixtures that have been previously kneaded and / or prepared for molding.


For small production volumes of mini burgers and gourmet burgers

HBS180 is a closed plate forming machine, which continuously produces formed products with excellent shape retention and weight precision, using only a spring system, for the expulsion of the products.

The HBS180 former has been carefully designed to maintain the original characteristics of the processed dough.

One of the advantages of being able to work at low pressure is that we have almost no mass losses in the forming area (called decrease 0). Enabling us to retain the starting nature as much as possible, such as the patties structure and the texture of the raw material.

Hygiene is also a key aspect of the design, the system is easy dismantled for quick efficient cleaning.


HBS-180 Low Pressure Former


  • Low pressure product forming.
  • Linear motion forming plate, with the bottom part covered.
  • Production speed of 5/12 minute cycles.
  • Manual product loading hopper capacity 3.5 liters.
  • Product pusher pressure adjustable piston system.
  • Very fast variation in weight and thickness of hamburgers.
  • Ejection system by lifting cam.
  • Paper dispenser support.
  • Manual product collection.
  • Possibility of regulating the forming pressure.
  • Minimum maintenance / minimum electrical consumption.
  • Machine equipped with motion control PLC.


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