HBS 400/600-SVS Food Forming Machine

Food forming machine designed to mold at low pressure all kinds of simple shapes from minced meat or pieces of meat, fish, semi-solid doughs, vegan type doughs, potato and more.

HBS 400/600-SVS

Low pressure food forming machine

Incorporating the latest technology between the product tank and the food forming area allows the product to be treated in a precise and delicate way. In turn this ensures the original characteristics of the processed mixtures and doughs such as their structure and texture are maintained as much as possible.

One of the advantages of being able to work at low pressure is that this is almost no loss of dough in the forming zone (also called 0 decrease).

The expulsion or discharge of the product is through the use of air, not water, this system facilitates the proper functioning of all the processes following the forming, such as the placement of paper, stacking, packaging, flouring, breading, etc.

This food forming machine is designed in a very practical way which allows, once the working day is over, to disassemble as few pieces as possible for washing and sanitizing.



  •     Low pressure product forming.
  •     Product storage hopper of 250 ltr.
  •     Production speed from 10 to 60 cycles per minute.
  •     Change of forming tools in 20 min.
  •     Possibility to produce products in 3 dimensions.
  •     Automatic filling control by time / pressure.
  •     Linear movement forming plate with the upper part covered.
  •     Ejection system incorporated in the same plate.
  •     Filling system by means of adjustable feeding augers.
  •     Equipped with PLC and touch screen.
  •     Minimum maintenance / minimum energy consumption.
  •     Minimum disassembly of parts for cleaning.
  •     Machines available in belt widths of 400 / 600 mm.


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