Candy production - Multihead Weighers - Value Stream Machinery

On a weekly basis, it is likely that an individual will consume a variety of confectionery products, and with such a wide variety of products available, comes a higher demand for exceptional quality.

To ensure this, manufacturers face a great challenge, and must pay detailed attention to the entire manufacturing process, from production through to packaging. Fragile goods must be handled with care throughout the entire process, and so specialist equipment must be considered.

High-speed weighing of fragile foods

Multihead weighers are built from the ground up, especially designed for fragile products. What should be taken into consideration when weighing fragile goods is the drop height – this should ideally be kept to a minimum in order to reduce the chance of breakages.

For fragile applications, a low inclination of the top cone and the linear feed pans is recommended. For the protection of the products, an appropriate shape and size for the linear feed pans is also necessary.

Superior multihead weighers come with a range of multi-drop systems that can deposit many portions of confectionery at the one time, leading to high speeds and ultimate efficiency.

Considering product integrity

Another element to consider is the surface of the machinery, or the material of all product-touching parts. The type of material will affect the speed at which the confectionery flows. Uncontrollable rolling and sliding has the potential to damage the product, however, specialist materials will aid in preventing this.

Moreover, pressure marks may occur through friction on chocolate-covered products such as dried fruits. This kind of damage dramatically reduces the quality of the product and will be easily noticed by the consumer, potentially resulting in dissatisfaction with the product.

Confectionery manufacturers must consider employing machinery perfectly equipped to handle their production needs, in order to maintain the value of the product, and the reputation of the brand.

Multihead Weighers ideal for free-flowing snacks

At Value Stream Machinery (VSM), we provide off-the-shelf and bespoke Multihead Weighers, ideal for free-flowing snacks and granulated products. Our experienced team would welcome the opportunity to discuss the options available and how these can help your business play its role in reducing product damage during the manufacturing process.

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