Metal Detectors & Checkweighers

Metal detectors and checkweighers ensure the highest level of legality, accuracy and health and safety when it comes to food processing and food manufacturing.

Industrial food metal detectors and commercial food metal detectors are essential components of a safe and effective food processing line. The metal detection machines for the food industry spot metal contaminants and metal impurities before the packaging process begins.

Checkweighers ensure products have been packaged at the correct weight to ensure consistency across all products. Checkweighing equipment automatically rejects products that don’t match the company-set parameters which in turn ensures quality, uniformity and profitability are not compromised during the food manufacturing process.

Value Stream Machinery specialises in high quality metal detectors and checkweighers and can install metal detection machinery and checkweighing machinery from renowned brands such as Yamato and several other manufacturers to suit any budget or project size. VSM also builds custom-designed checkweighing and metal detecting equipment to best suit the individual requirements of customers.

Yamato logo

Yamato is a leading manufacturer of commercial weighing equipment and with over 90 years' manufacturing experience.

Yamato’s metal detectors and checkweighers are energy efficient, accurate, hygienic, and easy to operate and offer 100% spare parts availability.

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Yamato I-Series Checkweigher
Yamato I-Series Checkweigher
Yamato J-Series Checkweigher
Yamato J-Series Checkweigher
Yamato J-Series Checkweigher with Metal Detector
Yamato J-Series Checkweigher with Metal Detector

VSM provides a full range of tailored solutions

Value Stream Machinery partners with several global manufacturers of weighing, checking and packaging machinery to provide solutions tailored to our customers' needs and budgets.

Get in touch with Value Stream Machinery today to discuss a cost effective solution that will maximise your production efficiency.

Bespoke food processing solutions & services

Can’t find the ideal food processing equipment or machinery solution?
Value Stream Management offers bespoke solutions and services to meet your needs, get in touch for a free consultation on how VSM can fulfil your requirements and exceed your needs.

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