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Multihead Weighers

Multihead weighers are used to sort, weigh and package dry, wet or mixed food ingredients and are crucial to the food processing production line.

We can supply top quality, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24 and 32 head weighers from multihead weigher manufacturers such as Yamato that can deposit up to 8 portions into trays, bringing high speeds, efficiency and customer satisfaction. We also supply and install multihead weighing systems for non-food environments where weighing and packing to a high speed is required.

All our multihead weighing solutions are supplied by quality, trusted manufacturers and with a range of price points, you’re guaranteed an effective solution tailored to your requirements and budget every time with VSM.

Yamato is a leading manufacturer of commercial weighing equipment and with over 90 years' manufacturing experience.

Yamato’s multihead weighers are energy efficient, accurate, hygienic, and easy to operate and offer 100% spare parts availability.

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Multihead Weighers for every application

Dataweigh Omega Series

Incredible speeds, highly accurate and versatile. Innovation in motion.

Dataweigh Epsilon

The revolutionary mid-range solution delivers excellent performance at an affordable price.

Dataweigh Alpha Advance Series

Outstanding accuracy, exceptional hygiene and value for money.

Peace of mind for your new production line

Enjoy 3 years free servicing following the supply and installation of your new Yamato multihead weighing line

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