The Omega Multihead Weighing Series

The perfect automatic multihead weighing solution, built with efficiency in mind.

Dataweigh Omega

The world’s most sophisticated multihead weigher

Designed to keep downtime to a minimum and ensure optimal recovery levels, the Omega‘s high accuracy reduces product waste, which improves yield rates and reduces power consumption.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Hassle free maintenance
  • Self diagnostics screen
  • Exceptional hygiene
  • Reduced power consumption

The Omega series is ideal for a wide range of industry sectors.

Omega - Multihead Weigher - Value Stream Machinery - VSM - Yamato


  • High frequency load cells
  • Digital filter for maximum weighing accuracy
  • Toggle-less gating mechanism
  • Individually adjustable collating chutes for high speed discharge
  • Auto tuning and Automatic Feeding Control (AFC)
  • A 12,1” colour touch screen monitor with improved user interface
  • Capable of weighing volumes up to 18L
  • Maximum weighing range of up to 5kg in a single discharge
  • Up to 6 discharge points
  • Machines available with up to 32 weigh heads



  • Polygon-shaped buckets make cleaning easy
  • Complete stainless steel design is IP67 compliant to meet the highest hygiene standards
  • Enhanced load cell protection can withstand up to 150kg

Dataweigh Omega Frontier

Greater packaging flexibility and waste reduction through wider product window

The Omega Frontier is designed to maximise packaging machine capability by utilising a unique discharge system

  • Maximise product output
  • Enhance packaging versatility
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Reduce product waste
  • Achieve high accuracy combinations in multiple groups of products
  • Benefit from a lower total cost of ownership

The Omega Frontier can fill tray lines, cup lines, HFFS, VFFS, rotary packing machines and other similar packaging applications across a range of industry applications.


Omega Frontier Multihead Weigher- Value Stream Machinery - Yamato


  • Seven variations
  • Up to 32 weigh heads
  • Speeds of up to 600wpm (O-0132F model)
  • Up to 6 discharge points


  • Independent discharge channels
  • Bottom based handling device
  • Simultaneous combination
  • Multipoint discharge
  • Divided weigher

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