Packaging Machinery

Packaging machines are the final step in the food manufacturing process.

Value Stream Machinery has extensive experience in supplying a wide range of packaging lines and packaging equipment, from several global machinery brands, to the snack, dairy, cereal and meat processing industries. Our solutions are always tailored to the individual needs of a factory, can be implemented seamlessly into current business processes without disruption or downtime and delivers products box-fresh and ready to eat.

Our partnerships with both high-end and low-cost manufacturing brands adds flexibility to all our solutions without compromising on quality and provides greater choice and control to customers.

Value Stream Machinery also custom builds packaging machinery to suit customers’ needs and is equipped to create packaging machines such as doy baggers, sealing machines, wrapping machines and high-speed packaging lines.

We’re the stand alone, one-stop solution for all your packaging requirements, from concept and installation through to commissioning and output optimisation. Contact VSM today.

Yamato logo

Yamato is a leading manufacturer of commercial weighing equipment and with over 90 years' manufacturing experience.

Yamato’s packaging machinery is energy efficient, accurate, hygienic, and easy to operate and offer 100% spare parts availability.

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Yamato Integrated Packing Solutions
Yamato Integrated Packing Solutions
Yamato Packaging Line
Yamato Packaging Line
Yamato Flexible Case Packer (FCP) Series
Yamato Flexible Case Packer (FCP) Series

Keymac is a leading British  manufacturer of commercial packaging equipment established in Keynsham, England in 2005.

Keymac has developed a comprehensive range of machinery that have become industry standards. This range provides solutions from simple innovative concepts to high tech robotics.

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Keymac end load cartoning machinery
Keymac end load cartoning machinery
Keymac sachet packer
Keymac sachet packer
Keymac end load cartoning machinery
Keymac end load cartoning machinery

VSM provides a full range of tailored solutions

Value Stream Machinery partners with several global manufacturers of weighing, checking and packaging machinery to provide solutions tailored to our customers' needs and budgets.

Get in touch with Value Stream Machinery today to discuss a cost effective solution that will maximise your production efficiency.

Bespoke food processing solutions & services

Can’t find the ideal food processing equipment or machinery solution?
Value Stream Management offers bespoke solutions and services to meet your needs, get in touch for a free consultation on how VSM can fulfil your requirements and exceed your needs.

Our clients include

Value Stream Machinery client Fane Valley
Value Stream Machinery client Finnebrogue Foods
Value Stream Machinery client Henderson Food Service
Value Stream Machinery client Little Electrical
Value Stream Machinery client Around Noon
Value Stream Machinery client Naanster
Value Stream Machinery client Whites Oats
Value Stream Machinery client Tayto
Value Stream Machinery client Rich Sauces
Value Stream Machinery client Glanbia Cheese
Value Stream Machinery client TS Foods