Predusting Machine

For uniformly flouring any type of meat, fish or vegetable product and others such as hamburgers, fillets, fish fingers and vegetables, providing optimal care for the product with a process for all types of flour, semolina or small grain-size breadcrumbs.


The starting point for perfected dushed products

Being able to apply a fine coating of flour to different products means a more adherent surface can be provided to facilitate subsequent application of eggwashes, batters and marinades, increasing output and adding value to the product.

The machine’s highly practical design without separate parts means that at the end of the working day, there is no need to remove any parts for cleaning and sanitising.

Once the product has been floured, the lower belt’s vibration system and the ventilation system above and below the product prevent flour dust from entering the rest of the line.

This fully sealed machine is perfect for the vacuum cyclone to be attached, preventing suspended powder from entering the workroom.

Predusting Machine - FC400_600_900


  • Perfect upper and lower coverage.
  • Perfect product alignment during the whole trajectory.
  • High line speed of up to 20 metres per minute.
  • Minimal energy use.
  • Upper screen to separate lumps and other residue.
  • Double upper window to make viewing the product easier.
  • Easier daily cleaning without separate parts.


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