Thermoforming Machines

These automatic packaging machines, create a customised, high-spec container from two reels of flexible or rigid film.

TFF Thermoformer

Machines that adapt the packaging process to your products

Our thermoformers adapt to all kinds of production needs, and are suitable for both medium and high throughputs. They work with different materials including: flexible, rigid and  retractable. As well as different packaging systems: vacuum, gas and skin, among others.

The thermoforming machines suit a range of product types including solid, liquid and frozen. All the machines are made of stainless steel and we can be adapted it to the space you have available.


  • Rotatory colour touchscreen board 10"
  • 39 programmes for different products to be packaged
  • Endless alarms to indicate any incident
  • Output connections for printers, dispensers, etc
  • Chains with ordinary start and stop, soft and very soft for liquids
  • Divided and asymmetric steps: x1, x2, x3, x4
  • Anti-condensation heater in electrical control panel
  • Meter of correct containers in sight
  • Negative meter of bad containers in sight
  • Cycles speed per minute in sight
  • Screen menu for the user
  • Screen menu for the maintenance manager
  • Chain progress with 70 different speeds
  • Number of steps selection by each starter pulse
  • Button for manual input of the bottom film by pulses or in a continuous way
  • Trims breaking indicator
  • Vacuum test
  • End of the cycle into the step or the container
  • Main switch and wires identification according to CE standard


  • Remote control via internet
  • Photocell of centered printing of the upper and lower film
  • vacuum + gas by injectors cannulas
  • multi-use flat sealing plate
  • Pre-heating station before the forming process
  • Auto-lubrication by blowing system
  • Fluids decanter before pumps
  • Possibility of different steps on the same machine
  • Loading area with supports for heavy containers
  • Rounded edges in rigid film containers
  • Double column lifting in long steps
  • Chassis divisible by pieces
  • Double sealing station
  • Easy-peel skin

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