Yamato Machinery

Value Stream Machinery is an approved distributor of Yamato machinery across the island of Ireland.

Yamato, established in 1920, is a leading manufacturer of commercial weighing equipment and industrial food processing machinery, with over 90 year’s manufacturing experience. It is one of the most trusted and respected names in weigh machine manufacturing and a brand that Value Stream Machinery is proud to be associated with.

Yamato Multihead Weighers from Value Stream Machinery

Yamato has a wide range of weighing solutions for both food and non-food applications to suit customers across the globe and has been at the forefront of multihead weighing technology for almost 100 years.They specialise in innovative and eco-friendly multihead weighers, including the Yamato Alpha series of automatic multihead weighers and the Yamato Omega series which has a track record of reducing power consumption by 60% without compromising on efficient and speed of output.

Value Stream Machinery can advise on and provide the appropriate Yamato solution to best suit your commercial weighing needs.

If you would like to explore Yamato multihead weighers or find out how a Yamato mutilhead weigher could benefit your food processing practices, contact Value Stream Machinery.

Yamato Checkweighing Machinery from Value Stream Machinery

Want a checkweigher that fulfils HACCP requirements and offers a world-class operational performance? You need a Yamato Checkweigher from Value Stream Machinery.

It’s essential that set-weight product packs are 100% accurate every time. Yamato checkweighers are ideal for rejecting out-of-specification packs in the production line to a reject bin or table, thus ensuring your product meets the quantity and quality parameters.

Value Stream Machinery can provide effective checkweighing solutions from Yamato, such as the I-series checkweigher and the J-series checkweigher, to suit your business requirement and budget.

If you would like to discuss Yamato checkweighers or hear how a Yamato checkweighing machine could positively impact your food manufacturing output, get in touch with Value Stream Machinery.

Yamato Metal Detectors from Value Stream Machinery

Metal detectors are a vital component of any food processing line or system and Value Stream Machinery can supply and install Yamato metal detection machines in a variety of specifications.

Yamato metal detectors safeguard against hazardous metal items and metal impurities in weighed packs, to ensure a clean, harm-free, safe product from your brand.

If health and safety with food products is a priority during the manufacturing process and you need to combat against metal impurities, you should consider investing in a Yamato metal detection machine. Contact Value Stream Machinery today to discuss your metal detector requirements.


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